Three Things

South America:

1: Soda at any given time of day.

2: Plastic BBQ furniture.

3: Music played on cellphones (sin earphones).



When the heart is completely pulled in opposite directions. 
Home, away, in someone’s hands. 

Absolute joy and open heart break in equal measure. 

Wanting to be here (to continue), but excited to leave, to be there. 

An end. New adventures. Wait and see. 

Time Keeps On Ticking …

… and no new blog posts have been created, none, zip, nada – such is life and the perils of making resolutions! In actual fact I couldn’t be happier that the year is flying by,  because I’ve been doing the following:

Visiting home: what is better than having a few days off work? Having a few days off work to fly home and visit my lovely friends and family and especially because the excuse to do so was for a wedding.

– Camping: and swimming, at Easter time, how delightful. Also eating chocolate covered marshmallow eggs (thanks Mum).

and most importantly ….

– Booking tickets: to Buenos Aires (and a visit home) for June! Eeekk! South America here I come, I am so excited my tummy gets squiggly whenever I think about it. I also bought a new (teeny tiny) 40L backpack to carry my life with me.


The countdown is on for the 1st of June – may the days speed quickly by (sorry to everyone trying to get them to slow down).



New Year’s … Resolutions?

We’ve had the most wonderful time of year, the last day of the year and now we’re on the top of the slippery slide to the end of the year (again), very soon we’ll be hearing everyone’s resolutions, ‘final’ junk food will be consumed and half full packets of cigarettes thrown away. I feel like I’m in a weird twilight zone of resolutions, I’ve been contemplating the past year and now, looking forward I want to put some resolutions (or rather goals) in place but I’m trying to avoid the failure trap I often fall into (that is, thinking of everything I’ve ever wanted to change/do/see/eat and writing out a huge list of ‘resolutions’). I’ve been feeling a bit worried about writing down my resolutions for the year, that sounds a bit stupid, perhaps worried is not the word I’m looking for? The list can’t be too long (as in, it can’t have 101 ‘resolutions’), I want it to include something meaningful, something for my health and I really want everything to be attainable. Not much to ask for hmm.

Considerations for my New Year’s Resolutions short list are:

  •  Cooking, not so  much learning but mastering a dish or two that I enjoy eating. Japanese hot pot springs to mind.
  • The world is (getting?) fucked up, there is so much plastic in the ocean that it has come full circle and now we’re eating it ourselves and there are still millions of people in slavery and women and children still get trafficked for the sex trade and the food we waste could feed everyone that is starving and this list could continue on and on like the never ending song. What can I do about this?  Donating, volunteering, not using any plastic bags – this is a hard one.
  • I need to devise a way to motivate myself to keep up my fitness, I can knock out a good 12 week challenge but these days any toning and strength that  was achieved begins to revert on the very day I finish.
  • Some kind of  ‘write more blog posts’ goal.
  • Travel, I must travel this year! Knocking South America off my bucket list is a must.
  • Oh man I need to remember to remember family and friend’s birthdays. 
  • Decide on the number of books for my ‘read x books this year’ goal.
  • Something to do with flossing more.

Now to take all this and organise it into concise, achievable goals for the year …

The Bucket List

Ah the Bucket List, we’ve all got one don’t we? It might not be typed up or in categories with timelines and notes but we’ve still got one, in the back of our minds or scribbled on scraps of paper – I really should do, I really have to do, I can’t go another day without doing X, Y and Z before I ‘kick the bucket’.

Prone to daydreams, I like to imagine a large bucket (it might be red), filling up every time I check something off the list. I can only hope my bucket will start overflowing, too heavy to carry.

I’m sure I’ve written my bucket list in more than one place, on more than one piece of paper but here it will be immortalised, ever changing no doubt, but a firm reminder that I have to continuously work to achieve these goals and create these memories. I should treat it like my fitness (fitness, are you there?) or my very basic Spanish, if I don’t use it I am definitely going to lose it.

This is a fresh list; everything is something I want to do (no cheeky crosses-off here) and in no particular order just yet:

  1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
  2. Travel to South America (for at least one year, carrying only what will fit in a 40L backpack).
  3. Read 30 books in one year (starting January 2014).
  4. Road trip around New Zealand (preferably in a sweet converted van with enough room for hitch-hikers and tag-alongs).
  5. Road trip around Australia (as per above).
  6. Road trip around the US of A (as per above).
  7. Learn to surf
  8. Sky dive
  9. Take an overseas trip with my parents.
  10. Make a list of crazy, weird food that I want to try (a food bucket list you say?).
  11. Serve dinner at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.
  12. Travel to South East Asia.
  13. Improve my snowboarding (bigger jumps, maybe a rail, a front flip would be nice).
  14. Further my education (ongoing, might never cross this off).
  15. Lean to swim well.
  16. Backpack around Europe.
  17. Live in Japan.

That’s that for now, I’ll be updating this as ideas come to mind. Perhaps very shortly because I’m about to go and spend a large amount of time checking out other people’s Bucket Lists. Hmmm I love lists.