The Bucket List

Ah the Bucket List, we’ve all got one don’t we? It might not be typed up or in categories with timelines and notes but we’ve still got one, in the back of our minds or scribbled on scraps of paper – I really should do, I really have to do, I can’t go another day without doing X, Y and Z before I ‘kick the bucket’.

Prone to daydreams, I like to imagine a large bucket (it might be red), filling up every time I check something off the list. I can only hope my bucket will start overflowing, too heavy to carry.

I’m sure I’ve written my bucket list in more than one place, on more than one piece of paper but here it will be immortalised, ever changing no doubt, but a firm reminder that I have to continuously work to achieve these goals and create these memories. I should treat it like my fitness (fitness, are you there?) or my very basic Spanish, if I don’t use it I am definitely going to lose it.

This is a fresh list; everything is something I want to do (no cheeky crosses-off here) and in no particular order just yet:

  1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
  2. Travel to South America (for at least one year, carrying only what will fit in a 40L backpack).
  3. Read 30 books in one year (starting January 2014).
  4. Road trip around New Zealand (preferably in a sweet converted van with enough room for hitch-hikers and tag-alongs).
  5. Road trip around Australia (as per above).
  6. Road trip around the US of A (as per above).
  7. Learn to surf
  8. Sky dive
  9. Take an overseas trip with my parents.
  10. Make a list of crazy, weird food that I want to try (a food bucket list you say?).
  11. Serve dinner at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.
  12. Travel to South East Asia.
  13. Improve my snowboarding (bigger jumps, maybe a rail, a front flip would be nice).
  14. Further my education (ongoing, might never cross this off).
  15. Lean to swim well.
  16. Backpack around Europe.
  17. Live in Japan.

That’s that for now, I’ll be updating this as ideas come to mind. Perhaps very shortly because I’m about to go and spend a large amount of time checking out other people’s Bucket Lists. Hmmm I love lists.


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