Time Keeps On Ticking …

… and no new blog posts have been created, none, zip, nada – such is life and the perils of making resolutions! In actual fact I couldn’t be happier that the year is flying by,  because I’ve been doing the following:

Visiting home: what is better than having a few days off work? Having a few days off work to fly home and visit my lovely friends and family and especially because the excuse to do so was for a wedding.

– Camping: and swimming, at Easter time, how delightful. Also eating chocolate covered marshmallow eggs (thanks Mum).

and most importantly ….

– Booking tickets: to Buenos Aires (and a visit home) for June! Eeekk! South America here I come, I am so excited my tummy gets squiggly whenever I think about it. I also bought a new (teeny tiny) 40L backpack to carry my life with me.


The countdown is on for the 1st of June – may the days speed quickly by (sorry to everyone trying to get them to slow down).